Is Coding Fun?

Is Coding Fun?

You cannot disagree with the fact that coding is one of the coolest jobs in the world today.

We use coding in almost every aspect of our lives: whether it's food delivery apps or scientific research, web apps or video games, machine learning, or data science.

But is coding really a fun thing to do?

Well, this blog will discuss whether or not coding is fun and how to make it more exciting. So let's get started.

Is Coding Fun?

Yes, coding is fun. But only if you like problem-solving and logic building.

There are always new problems to solve when you are coding, and you are never bored if you love building logic to solve them.

Imagine you are playing chess on a real chess board with your friend. And, your friend is taking way too long to make their move. You get an idea of writing code for a timer that beeps in every 1 minute.

So you take the challenge, build the logic to solve the problem, write code, and it works!

The sense of achievement you get by overcoming such coding challenges is just priceless. It's like beating a difficult and annoying boss in a video game, with the added fact that you gain real-life skills and experience.

So the perception of coding being a boring and monotonous task is nothing but a myth. It is a job that entertains you with challenges that are fun to solve!

Is Coding Difficult?

Yes, coding can be difficult. After all, we have to learn entirely new languages such as Python or Java to do any coding. This can be a challenging task due to the following reasons:

  • Coding is a language unique to computers.
  • Coding languages are changing constantly.
  • There are an excessive number of complicated languages.
  • Coding requires logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • You will encounter a lot of uncertain errors and challenges.

However, not everyone finds coding hard. Some people find it easier than any other skill. And there are many ways to make coding easy.

If you ask coders, the difficulty does not stop them from loving their work. They take the difficulties as challenges, and it excites them to solve all the problems that come their way.

How to Make Coding Exciting?

If you can't seem to have fun while coding, it is usually because you have not mastered it the right way.

Here are our suggestions to master your coding skills the right way and experience the fun side of coding.

  • Learn the Basics

Learning the basics is the foundation for every skill. For example, let's try to solve this simple expression:

2 + 9 - 4 * 8

If you know the basic rules of arithmetic, you know the answer is -21. However, if you don't, you will get the answer wrong.

The task above can be easy and exciting for people who know the basics. And the same thing can be hard and boring for people who are getting the wrong answer.

This exact rule applies to coding. If you don't master the fundamentals of coding, even the easy tasks will get hard, and you will fail to enjoy it.

  • Master a Beginner-Friendly Language

Choosing the right programming language is essential when starting your coding career.

To fully focus on the programming logic, you should first master a  beginner-friendly language.

For example, Python is a great language for beginners due to its easy syntax. Hence, you can focus on the logic instead of being distracted by the complexity of the syntax.

To learn more, visit How to choose the right programming language?

  • Build Projects

Programming becomes fun when you start building cool projects. Building projects will make you feel powerful, and you will know the limitless possibilities of what you can do with your coding skills.

Hence, you become motivated to do more and more. You will start enjoying to code before you even realize it.

Does Anyone Code for Fun?

Coding is a high-paying career. So you might believe that most people code only for money. But that is not really the case.

Most programmers are very passionate about technology, and they find it fun to develop applications and solve problems.

freeCodeCamp surveyed new coders and asked them to give three reasons for choosing a coding career. Here is the result of the survey.

Reason for choosing a coding career

Number of votes

It's well paid


Want to work with new technology


Love solving problems


Love coding


Work from home opportunities


High in demand


Building products is awesome


Flexible schedules


Want to create products


Even though the survey shows that a high-paying job is the number one motivation behind their career decision, other reasons - such as a love of technology and coding - are very close runner-ups.

And when you combine these factors with a well-paying career, it's not difficult to see that most programmers are really just passionate tech geeks who happen to possess big wallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is coding a fun hobby?

Yes, coding is a fun hobby. Coding is challenging but rewarding, due to which coders find it to be very addictive.

A survey conducted by freeCodeCamp shows that numerous coders code for fun.

Reason for choosing a coding career

Number of votes

Want to work with new technology


Love solving problems


Love coding


Building products is awesome


Want to create products


2. Are coders happy?

According to Stack Overflow, roughly 70% of working developers are happy at work right now. But what makes developers happy and unhappy at work? Here are a few factors:




Ability to have a work-life balance



Being productive






Having growth opportunities



Ability to have flexibility with work



Ability to see the impact of my work



Work relationship



The above table shows that 58% coders have a healthy work-life balance and 40% unhealthy work-life balance.

Similarly, 52% people have a strong sense of productivity and 45% people lack productivity at work and so on.

3. Is coding hard?

Yes, coding is considered one of the hardest disciplines to learn and master. We say this to prepare you for the time and effort it will take. However, you can make coding easy with patience and the right approach to learning.

To learn more, read the blog Is Coding Hard?

4. How boring is coding?

The answer is subjective, but it makes sense to say that coding is boring if you are not approaching it the right way.

5. Is coding harder than math?

No, coding is not harder than math since many coding fields like Web Development do not need mathematics.

However, fields like data science, machine learning, and game development may require mathematics or even physics. Depending upon the complexity of the project, coding in these areas may sometimes get harder than math.