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Our mission is to help users learn programming more easily.

We are a small team of passionate developers, teachers, mentors, and students. Since the very beginning, we have been dedicated to creating programming resources that's accurate, practical, and easier to understand. Through our interactive and project-driven courses, we strive to sculpt our users into skilled programmers who can confidently take on the job market.

Our Story

We understand that creating textual content on the web to learn programming is not enough. To improve the learning experience of our users, we started Most online tutorials (including our own) can appear as confusing walls of text. We realized that this is a huge hurdle to learning.

So, we decided to mitigate this issue by revamping our courses. Our aim was to create extremely engaging and interactive lessons to make learning easy and enjoyable. Our modified, highly curated courses prioritize setting a strong programming foundation. We designed our lessons For this, we the core concepts of programming while simultaneously building their practical skills through our carefully selected projects.

Message from our Founder

Punit Jajodia
We've gone from a simple tutorial site to developers of online compilers and mobile learning apps. We now bring you Programiz Pro: a project-driven, highly curated, and fully interactive learning package! Coding is so much easier now!

Punit Jajodia CTO, Programiz

What our Student Say?

  • Mary Dippler
    I like how interactive the course is. The content is super-easy to understand. 5 Stars.

    Mary Dippler

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