Frequently Asked Questions


  • You can use International Visa Card or MasterCard to buy a subscription for Programiz PRO.

  • Yes.

  • You can send messages through our contact us page or you can write to us at

  • Yes, Programiz PRO offers a free 7-day trial for new users.

  • You can access Programiz PRO as long as you have a subscription which is renewed monthly or annually, depending upon your subscribed plan.

  • Yes, you can access Programiz PRO from any device you want.

  • You can access all courses inside the Programiz PRO with a single subscription and claim the certificate for the completed courses.

    You will also get unlimited access to Playground and create as many projects as you like.

  • No, currently, we only have a web app. However, Programiz PRO is well optimized for all devices.

  • Programiz PRO doesn't have a feature to save tutorials for offline use. However, you can use the browser's default feature to save pages.

  • Currently, we are not offering free courses. You can access any course with a single subscription. However, you can get a free trial for 7 days.

  • Yes, you can always write to us at

  • You can find enrolled courses from the My Courses section in your dashboard. Also, you can see the detailed list of enrolled learning paths and courses from your profile page.

  • No, the dark mode is not available right now.

Programiz PRO

  • Programiz PRO is available as a monthly or annual subscription. The subscription allows you to access the following features:

    • All Courses Unlocked
    • Interactive Challenges
    • Certificate for each learning paths
    • Access to our Discord Community

    With the monthly subscription, you automatically get billed every month. With the annual subscription, you automatically get billed every year.

  • To cancel your subscription,

    • Navigate to the profile page > Account Settings > Subscription and Payment (Sidebar)
    • Click on Subscription Settings
    • Click on Cancel Subscription

    Once you cancel your subscription, you can still use Programiz PRO till you have remaining days left.

  • Yes. When you delete your account, all your data and subscription are deleted from our server.

  • Yes. Programiz PRO offers a refund within 14 day, from our side, after you buy a subscription and is handled by Paddle, link here.

  • You can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase. To request a refund, please send us a mail at

  • No, you cannot transfer the subscription to another account. Rather, you can cancel the subscription from the old account and subscribe through the new account.

  • Programiz PRO offers two subscription plans. Either you can subscribe monthly or yearly.


  • To permanently delete your account,

    1. Visit the profile page.
    2. Go to account settings.
    3. Click on the Account tab from the sidebar.
    4. Click on Delete my Account.
    5. Accept the confirmation.

    Remember, you can reactivate your account by logging in within 30 days.

  • To disable your account,

    1. Visit the profile page.
    2. Go to account settings.
    3. Click on the Account tab from the sidebar.
    4. Click on Disable my Account.
    5. Accept the confirmation.

    Remember, you can always reactivate your account by logging in.

  • If you delete your account, after 30 days:

    • Your data will be permanently removed.
    • You won't be able to regain access.
    • All your progress will be lost.

    If you change your mind within 30 days, you have an option to reactivate your account by simply logging in again.

  • If you disable your account:

    • You can reactivate your account whenever you want.
    • Programiz PRO subscription will be paused.
  • If it's been less than 30 days since you deleted your account, you can recover your account.

    To recover your account:

    • Log into your Programiz PRO account within 30 days of deleting your account.
    • Click Recover Account in the prompt.
  • Simply log in to the app to reactivate your account.

  • Please use the verification code we sent via email to verify your account. This is a one-time verification, and this code is valid for 24 hours only. If the code has expired, you can always request a new code using the ‘Resend’ option.

  • You can change your name and other personal details but not your email address.

  • You can change your password through the Change Password option in Account Settings.

  • You can reset your password through the forgot password option during log-in. Then, you would need to enter your email address to get a password reset link in your inbox.

  • You might not have received the email for one of the following reasons:

    • The email might have gone to spam.
    • Our email server might have faced some delays sending you the email. Please check back in an hour or so.

    If you still did not receive an email from us, do contact us at, and we'll be happy to help.


  • Yes, you can avail certificates for any course. However, you must complete the challenges of that specific course.

  • No, certificate comes bundled with an account subscription. However, you must complete challenges in order to download certificates.

  • Yes. You must complete an entire course content and their challenges to download a certificate.

  • You will get a Professional Certificate once you complete a learning path. However, you can get a Completion Certificate after completing each level in a learning path.

    If you are signed in, you can also track your progress and closeness of certificates in the progress page which you can visit from navbar.

  • You can always download the certificate from the My Certificates section in a User Profile page. However, you can also download the certificates immediately after completing the course.

    You will get the Completion Certificate after completing the course and a Professional Certificate after completion of the learning path.

  • Yes, it would be a plus point.

  • Yes. Once you complete the course, you can download certificates whenever you want from “My Certificates” section from your profile page.

Course Content

  • No, you don't need to have any programming background. Courses in Programiz PRO are designed to help you start your programming journey from scratch to an advanced level.

  • Programiz PRO focuses more on learning paths (career path) rather than individual concepts.

    Let's say you want to learn python, Programiz PRO offers a "Become a Python Master" learning path that guides you through basics to advanced topics of python, step by step.

  • Learning Path is a specially designed syllabus of courses bundled together to make you job-ready.

    Each learning path consists of multiple courses. Course is an individual content that specializes in any topic.

    For example, "Learn Python Basics" and "Python Beyond the Basics" are two individual courses inside the learning path "Become a Python Master". Both of these courses aim towards one goal, to make you proficient in Python Programming.

  • The choice of language depends on the career path you choose, so first, figure out what field you want to make your career in. If it's artificial intelligence or data science, go for Python and if it's game development, go for C++.

    You cannot be wrong with whatever language you choose because once you have a strong base of one language, you can easily switch to another.

  • Programiz PRO provides practical learning where you get a chance to test your skills within the course. This will definitely put you in front of your competition in the job market.

  • Yes, you can access any course in Programiz PRO randomly. If you're confident in basic topics, you can directly enroll in advanced topics.

    However, if you are a beginner, we suggest you follow the learning path.

  • To get maximum results, we recommend you to follow courses in the learning path sequentially.


  • sensAI is your personal coding mentor, which helps you become a better coder. Built on the latest AI technology, sensAI helps you understand where you went wrong and how to fix your code in plain English.

    Visit this page to learn more about sensAI.

  • sensAI allows you to leverage the power of AI in your coding journey. Its features are:

    1. It explains your code and how it works.
    2. It helps you identify errors in your code.
    3. It simplifies cryptic error messages in plain English.
    4. It provides a fixed code for you.
  • No, there are no extra fees or hidden costs to use sensAI. The tool is baked into our lessons and challenges, which means you can access it anytime.

    1. Enroll in any of our courses.
    2. Start your lessons and run your code in the compiler.
    3. If your code is wrong, along with the error message, you will see a ‘Fix Error’ button.
    4. Click on the button to use sensAI to figure out where you went wrong.
    5. You will see a corrected version of your code and an explanation in plain English.
  • Unfortunately, you do not have the option to disable sensAI right now. However, you can simply choose not to use it if you do not feel the need to.

  • After you use sensAI, you will see a “Was this helpful?” section at the bottom of your compiler. You can choose either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on your experience with the tool.

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